With winter approaching, it common for many to be switching the set of wheels and tires on the vehicle to a second set that can better handle the colder season.   We strongly recommend taking advantage of this time to thoroughly clean your summer set of wheels, before storing them away for the winter months.  Brake dust can damage the finish on wheels, so its important to remove it on a regular basis. Nym8wmdT1yGG9hB5.jpg (more…)

Review: Front License Plate Mount

Be Legal - Without Drilling Holes In Your Bumper!
Thought I'd share a review of a previous purchase I made for my prior Z4 M Coupe.  It is a great universal product for those that need to run a front license plate - but don't want to drill into their front bumper to mount the OEM brackets.  There are lots of solutions out there like this - but the company I used was Rho Plate. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   (more…)
Hey Everyone, Thought I'd share a short DIY for those with late year BMWs that came with the comfort access feature.  For those that are not famaliar, comfort access with BMW allows you to open/lock doors with the key in your pocket, and also (prior to becoming standard on current BMWs) allowed for starting the car without placing the key FOB into the slot next to the steering wheel. TtOOFzPW76n0RFxM.jpg   (more…)
We just wrapped up a week long ride. We started in Scottsdale, AZ and wound our way up through Utah and back around. We hit some of the 'must do' tourist spots (e.g. Grand Canyon), and also empty roads fun roads as well. Overall the landscape is just outstanding in these areas. If you ever have the chance to visit and take a road trip through these parts of the United States - we'd greatly recommend it! fJJS6Vw0DZgbKuDL.jpg (more…)
Thank you for everyone that stopped by to talk with us about the green car project and checking out our guards red targa that is currently for sale.  It was a great turn out - and perfect weather this year!  It's always a fun time to see all the Porsche enthusaists get together!  See you at the next PCA event! Photo Apr 18, 12 25 11 PM

Waterless Motorcycle Cleaning

Great Alternative To Motorcycle Clean-up
Like most motorcycle enthusaists this time of year that live in the colder climates, it can be a challenge to clean up your beloved 2-wheeled machine with freezing temperatures. I recently went on a ride on the one warm day this winter, and unfortunately came back with road debris on the bike. IMG_1700 Not wanting to put the bike back into storage mode with road grime, I decided to clean the bike with a common, new (relatively) waterless technique a lot of mobile detailers use - cleaning with steam! I had received a steam machine recently, and while it doesn't have a large capacity (like professional detailing units) - it is more than enough to get the job done on a motorcycle. Another great benefit, especially on new bikes like this 2012 Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak - is you are not subjecting the many electronics systems on the bike to any type of higher pressure blast that might come from a normal hose wash in your driveway. Happy detailing!   First step: Let your steamer build enough pressure and heat Second step: Test the temperature w [...]

DIY: Updates for Your Home Garage

Tips For Making Your Garage A More Usable Space
Folks use their garage for a lot different activities.  If you're a car enthusiast that enjoys working in the garage - from simple weekend maintenance to car cleaning to advanced mechanical work and everything in between - having a clean, well-organized garage goes a long way to helping you get the job done.  Not only that, it can offer great motivation when working on your projects. A while back I moved into a new house which had an roughed out 2-car garage space.  It was a good starting point, but I decided to work on some updates to make it a more useful, inspiring space to work in. IMG_7748_2 (more…)
We had some old Porsche Fuchs lying around that were in very rough shape (to say the least!).  We were pretty sure some of them in the set were not OEM (i.e. at least two were likely replicas given the markings on the back). Nevertheless, an old set Fuchs that are already in rough shape sounded like an interesting chance to try a DIY wheel refinish project.  Hence, I set out for my first complete wheel refinish project in my garage. The original plan was to replicate the infamous RSR style of finish with the black background behind the silver spokes, but that proved to have many time consuming issues in my DIY approach. Tape Removed! phew! I've read others that have taped the holes on the face and literally poured black painted into the rim to get an even line across the spokes (great article:  http://www.themotoringjournal.com/featured-cars/refinishing-fuchs-at-home.html).  I also read up on Magnus Walker's approach to wheel refinishing - which was more the masking with painters tape route (http://magnuswalker911.blogspot.com/2012/08/diy-rim-refinishing.ht [...]
A family member recently made us this beautiful piece of art for our office. The handmade craftsmanship is stunning - no other piece like it!  It's a solid piece of metal with the rear end of one of our favorite cars of all time!   Photo Jan 31, 9 41 45 PM
This weekend we visited the international motorcycle show in Washington DC. It's a great event to check out the latest bikes for 2015 and talk with a lot of the great vendors in the motorcycle industry! Would recommend attending if the show is coming to an area near you! wpid-20150111020015.jpg      
Get Rev'ed Up with some sounds of this air-cooled flat 6 911 logo mm  
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