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What are Dealer Auctions?

Welcome to the Moor Motorsport Vehicle Search service!

This is a service we provided to customers searching for a specific vehicle that we do not currently have in inventory. The Benefit: As a licensed dealer, we have direct access to automotive auctions that the general public can not participate in.

Pricing Differences

When car shopping, have you ever used website like Kelly Blue Book or NADA to determine a reasonable price to pay for a car? Have you ever wondered the price difference between a trade-in and dealership retail? Trade-in values are linked to the prices that cars are expected to go for at dealership auctions. The mark-up from wholesale auction prices to retail prices at dealers can be upwards of several thousand dollars depending on the specific model, model, mileage, and other related options.

Trade In
Private Party
Dealer Retail

Where Do the Cars Come From?

The normal question from customers about car auctions is, “OK, what’s wrong with the car?” The fact is: Many of these vehicles at auction are there as a result of a lease ending from the original manufacturer. The graph on the right shows the percentage of total US sales from each premium car manufacturer that were sold from ‘new’ through a lease. The result of high percentages in leasing is it creates a great market for those looking to purchase these types a vehicles that are still pretty new and often with relatively low mileage. Another common reason vehicles come to auction is from trade-in’s. For example, an Audi dealer may accept a BMW 3 Series trade-in for the purchase of a new A4. However, the Audi dealership may not want to handle the sale of that pre-owned BMW on their lot. To solve that problem, they will send it to auction. Recall from the section about the trade-in price reference relative to auction prices. Overall – 9 million cars are sold at auction each year – it’s a HUGE industry. If you’ve purchased a vehicle from a used car dealership in the past, there is high probability that it may have come from an auction.

AUDI 40%
BMW 50%

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