Wheel Cleaning Tips

With winter approaching, it common for many to be switching the set of wheels and tires on the vehicle to a second set that can better handle the colder season.   We strongly recommend taking advantage of this time to thoroughly clean your summer set of wheels, before storing them away for the winter months.  Brake dust can damage the finish on wheels, so its important to remove it on a regular basis.


As with anything on detailing your car, you should always start with the least aggressive cleaning approach, and then increasing the level of cleaning and cleaning agents as needed.

Here is how we like to prepare our summer wheels for winter storage:

  • Place the wheel face down, making sure the face of the wheel is protected from scratching the floor
  • Start with warm soapy water and a cloth (micro-fiber towel) to clean off surface-level contaminants
  • Use soft bristle and appropriate wheel cleaner to scrub the inner wheel barrel
  • Use a piece of clay bar to remove remaining dirt (discard this piece of clay bar after you’re finished)
  • Flip wheel over and clean front of wheel with microfiber and soap
  • Then finally, with a clean piece of clay bar clean front of wheel
  • Let dry and then apply a coat of wax to the painted surfaces of the wheel


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